Mariia Radaeva

President | LinkedIn

I am a Bioinformatics PhD student at UBC, specializing in computer-aided drug discovery for prostate cancer. I have a strong interest in big data science and currently contribute my expertise to a digital health startup by providing valuable insights from patient biometric data. I am equally passionate about entrepreneurship and organize networking events that facilitate connections between scientists and business-minded individuals.

Mikah L'Ecuyer Morison

Director & Team Coordination | LinkedIn

I am a chemical and biological engineering student at UBC, dedicated to enhancing environmental sustainability through the development of new technologies. My primary interest lies in upstream chemical process engineering, and I possess a strong background in electrochemistry and microbial fuel cells. I am excited to create an environment where students can generate innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Diana Malynovska

Vice President | LinkedIn

I am a UX/Web Designer adept at streamlining work processes to enhance user experiences and deliver captivating, user-friendly products that are engaging and intuitive to use. I am passionate about fostering meaningful connections between science and business students, recognizing the potential that collaboration between these disciplines holds for driving innovation and translating scientific discoveries into impactful ventures.

Ekaterina Manskaia

Marketing Lead | LinkedIn

I am a Bioinformatics student at UBC in the 1st year of my Master's program. I am interested in computer-aided drug discovery and focus on implementing machine learning to facilitate virtual screening techniques. Being a part of InnovationOnBoard is an exciting opportunity to gain hands-on experience in transforming scientific and business ideas into innovative projects that bridge the gap between science and entrepreneurship.

Memo Tejapaibul

Technical Lead | LinkedIn

I am an ambitious chemical and biological engineering student dedicated to broadening my technical expertise across multiple industries. As an esteemed member of the engineering design teams BIOT, I take great pride in being part of cutting-edge projects and working with great people. I am thrilled to be joining the IOB team, where I eagerly anticipate witnessing the transformation of innovative ideas.

Eunice Choi

Outreach Coordinator | LinkedIn

I am a chemical and biological engineering student at UBC, passionate about sustainability and how I can contribute in the future as an engineer. Currently, I am broadening my understanding of the engineering industry by working as a Junior Process Engineer at Chemetics (Worley), a company that specializes in sulphuric acid and chlorine chemical production. I am also a member of the student council in my department.

Rami Jubeili

Finance Lead | LinkedIn

I am a chemical engineering student at UBC, driven by a passion to form a sustainable relationship with the world. My interests lie in heterogeneous catalysis, zero GHG emission energy production, and the integration of machine learning in process industries. Currently, I am conducting research on the use of molten metal catalysts for economically feasible production of ultra-pure hydrogen. It is my pleasure to contribute to this community of passionate individuals who want to see change.


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